Brash Battery Burglar Busted on Christmas Day

Brash Battery Burglar Busted on Christmas Day

CLAREMONT – A career criminal was nabbed by proactive policing on Christmas Day. At 3:57, an officer encountered a burglary-in-progress at Corey Nursery.

A vehicle that was backed up to the chain-link fence was being loaded with vehicle batteries. Fleeing ensued when the officer attempted to make contact with the suspect.

A second officer joined the chase, and the law-enforcement duo caught the fleeing burglar. They determined that Hector Palanco (37) cut a hole in the surrounding chain-link fence. He managed to remove 15  the batteries from 15 vehicles before being caught loading them up.

“He was transported to CPD Jail where he was booked on charges of burglary and resisting arrest, and held for bail/court,” said Council Member Ed Reece. He posted, “During the booking, Palanco remarked, ‘Thanks to Prop 47, this is only a misdemeanor. Cite me out.'”   Palanco, considered a “career criminal” for burglary and currently on parole for Assault with a Deadly Weapon, was not “cited out.”  Resisting arrest is a felony, and his struggle with officers kept him behind bars.

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