Garden Grove man arrested in identity theft case

Garden Grove man arrested in identity theft case
Photo: Danh Nguyen

MOUNTAIN VIEW–Mountain View investigators have arrested a Garden Grove man in connection to an identify theft case in Mountain View. The suspect had obtained personal information and had taken out numerous credit cards under the victim’s name.

The 46-year-old male victim from Mountain View told officers that he had received a series of emails recently from creditors asking him to rate his experience with them. However, he had not applied for any credit cards with these companies. He also noticed that one credit card service had been asked to increase his credit line after someone had tried to withdraw thousands of dollars.

On Dec. 18th, the man reached out to officers to alert them that he had just been advised that someone had requested an additional credit card to be mailed to his address. Officers posted themselves outside the residence in hopes of catching the thief as he tried to retrieve the credit card from the mailbox.

Around 3:30 in the afternoon officers watched as 41-year-old Danh Nguyen exited a white mini-van heading towards the residence. After leaving empty handed Nguyen entered his van again and started to drive away when officers pulled him over, detaining him while they investigated the incident.

The investigating officers found multiple credit cards under the victim’s name, along with a California Drivers license with the victim’s identity, except with Nguyen’s image.

Nguyen was subsequently arrested for identity theft, receiving stolen property, possession of a false government ID, driving on a suspended license, and possession of narcotics, and booked into the Santa Clara County Main Jail.

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