Four South American Tourists Charged with Kidnapping, Assault

Four South American Tourists Charged with Kidnapping, Assault
Photo: Astorga, Valladares, Parra and Cortez

Santa Barbara – Santa Barbara is a tourist mecca, frequently a stop on the itinerary of visitors from abroad. It’s a place where a wide range of recreational pursuits are available for those looking for adventure.

Apparently the usual wine tours, surfing, mountain biking, and hiking weren’t exciting enough for four South Americans, identified following their December 12th arrests as Yusset Aloma Gonzalez Astorga, 31, Jean Nahuelan Valladares, 31, Manuel Leiva Parra, 23, and Yessenia Cortez, 35. Each was booked on charges of kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon, and attempted auto burglary following an incident that began at 11:00 a.m. at Hendry’s Beach, a popular tourist spot.

According to Santa Barbara Police Department spokesman Anthony Wagner, the owner of a pickup truck spotted “several people” involved in “suspicious activity” at the rear of his vehicle.

As the man approached his truck, he observed that the lock to his camper shell had been tampered with. He then approached those he presumed responsible for the damage as they sat in a late-model SUV and confronted one of the occupants.

At that point, a fight broke out during which the burglary victim was pulled into the back of the SUV as it drove off. Driven off against his will, the victim continued resisting his captors and “managed to open the door when the vehicle momentarily slowed.”

At that point the victim “rolled out onto the street” and the suspect vehicle fled toward the southbound U.S. 101 freeway.

The victim immediately called 911 Emergency to report the crime and provide a description of the suspect vehicle. That description helped SBPD patrol units to locate the suspect vehicle and to conduct a traffic stop on a downtown Santa Barbara freeway onramp.

All four suspects were taken into custody at gunpoint. They were determined to be in the country on tourist visas and were transported to Santa Barbara County Jail where they were booked on the aforementioned charges.

Photos: Courtesy Santa Barbara County Jail Booking

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