Four Home Invasion Robbers Get Stuck in Mud & Then Arrested

Four Home Invasion Robbers Get Stuck in Mud & Then Arrested
Photo: Marc William Love and Hamed Ali Daneshmand-Pourlashgari

REDDING –  At approximately 6:00 pm on December 2nd, four suspects perpetrated a home invasion robbery, but things soon went south for them, leading to their arrests.

A good neighbor called the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office concerning the robbery of his two neighbors in the 10000 block of Old Oregon Rail. The victim couple had their hands zip-tied, after which time the suspects took guns and other items from their home.


Salazar and Stockinger, Jr.

The helpful neighbor came into their home, untied them and then tried to stop the escaping suspects by blocking the driveway with his vehicle.

One of the robbers shot at him but did not hit him or his vehicle. Then the man “continued to provide information on 911.” In the meantime, the getaway truck got stuck in the mud at the victim’s residence.

Then the suspects took off on foot. Another resident provided a location of two of the suspects, who were arrested and identified by the victims as two of their assailants.

In addition, a CHP helicopter spotted the other two suspects and arrested them as well. They “were found to be in possession of some of the victim’s property.”

The four suspects are –

  • 35-year-old Hamed Ali Daneshmand-Pourlashgari;
  • 42-year-old Lee Zebediah Stockinger, jr.;
  • 51-year-old Marc William Love;
  • 35-year-old Candy Rene Salazar.

Their charges are conspiracy, robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, “along with numerous other charges.”

Bail is $100,000 for each suspect.

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