Man Photographing/Videotaping Young Girl in Store Arrested

Man Photographing/Videotaping Young  Girl in Store Arrested

BEAUMONT – Police arrested a Beaumont man for photographing/videotaping a young girl at a department store. The incident occurred on July 24.

30-year-old James Nicholas Ibach now faces child pornography  charges.

Back in July BPD received a call about a suspicious man photographing the girl on the 1500  block of E. 2nd Street Marketplace.

Someone saw Ibach “photographing the juvenile as she bent over in an aisle of the store.” Then the witness yelled at the suspect, who  then left.

Arriving officers were not able  to detain the suspect. However, they were able to obtain surveillance footage.

Over time the BPD received a call from another city’s law enforcement agency involving a similar case. In addition, he southern California agency provided photographs. It was the same man in both incidents.

The developing investigation the led to Ibach as their suspect.  A search warrant ensued at his residence. They then detained him for questioning, after which they arrested and charged him.

Law enfforcement continues the investigation, believing there may be other victims.

“If you have any information about this case please contact the Beaumont Police Department at 951-769-8500. Information may also be reported anonymously via email at or our website at”

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