Two Marijuana Dispensaries Scene of Search Warrant Raid

Two Marijuana Dispensaries Scene of Search Warrant Raid
Photo: Seized drugs and cash

KERN – Two marijuana dispensaries received visits from law enforcement armed with search warrants on October 3.

The two shops are Emerald City Remedies at 7500 Downing Avenue and Mary Jane Express on 1545 Olive Avenue


more seized drugs

As a result, here is what the officers seized –

  • 73lbs of processed marijuana with an estimated street value of $73,000.00;
  • 6,287.75g of marijuana concentrates with an estimated street value of $125,755.00;
  • 1,035 packages of edibles with an estimated street value of $10,350.00;
  • 17 marijuana plants;
  • $17,169.00 in currency;
  • One fully functional commercial grade Butane Honey Oil (BHO) Lab.

Consequently, officers arrested, cited and released six people for a misdemeanor violation of marijuana sales and a county ordinance violation –

  • Neil Riley (28),
  • Eric Silva (33),
  • Brentney Anderson (33),
  • Tanya Pace (28),
  • Christopher Lawhon (33),
  • and Harold Stowers (44).

However, 33-year-old Justin Scott faced a different result. His charges are –

  • violation of maintaining a business for the purposes of marijuana sales,;
  • felony conspiracy
  • manufacturing a controlled substance;
  • misdemeanor sales of marijuana;
  • and a misdemeanor county ordinance violation.

The KCSO says, “BHO Labs are dangerous for both the operators of the equipment and the general public. BHO Labs are highly explosive and have exploded on several occasions in the past causing serious injury and death. Both of these locations were selling marijuana without permits and outside of the county ordinances. All of the individuals arrested in this investigation were either cited or booked into the jail pending court proceedings.”

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