Multiple Midnight Calls Rescue Invisible Man Screaming For Help In A Storm

Multiple Midnight Calls Rescue Invisible Man Screaming For Help In A Storm
Photo: Rescue operation

WEST COVINA – WC Police Department gave quick response to last night’s multiple calls about a screaming man near midnight. No one could locate the source of the incessant cries for help.

First, officers arrived in the area of the 3200 Pebblebrook Road. Screams led officers through the neighborhood as they tried to determine whether the victim was inside or outside a residence.

Next, K-9 Officers found the victim in the rain-swollen Walnut Creek Wash. Two feet of rushing, rising water rendered the man unable to cling to a nearby wall.

Subsequently, while WC Fire Department was called, the rescue began. Said Officer Rudy Lopez, they dispatched “K9 Officer Matt Bowman’s 40-foot long dog leash and lowered it down to the victim, instructing him to tie it around his waist to secure him until WC Fire Department arrived. Firefighters lowered a helmet and vest, tethered to a rescue line and secondary line and eventually pulled him up to safety.”

Reportedly, the anonymous male (24) from West Covina landed in the rushing waters when he climbed into the wash to retrieve a bicycle. Last night’s rain deluge took him by surprise and dragged him for a short distance. He grabbed onto the wall as the water rose in height and strength, then flung him as he screamed.

As a result, the weak and cold victim was not injured, and was released at the scene. It is unknown how long he had been in the water.
Multiple calls for kudos go out all around.

“This was another example of excellent teamwork by the WC Police and Fire Departments,” said Officer Rudy Lopez. “Their quick actions most likely saved the victim from serious injury or death, as the water in the wash was rising and gaining momentum at the time of the rescue. Equally as important were our residents who followed the “See Something (or hear something) Say Something” campaign. Their calls got the help the victim needed.”

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