Cover Officer Helps Prevent Possible Gun Incident

Cover Officer Helps Prevent Possible Gun Incident
Photo: Wink under arrest

FAIRFIELD – A cover officer helped prevent a possible gun incident at 8:00 p.m. on September 20. At Peabody Road and Cliffside Drive two officers pulled a car over for traffic violations.


Wink’s gun

The driver, 18-year-old Brandon Wink, behaved “in a very nervous manner.”

The first officer walked back to his car in order to fill out the citation. Meanwhile, his cover officer stood unnoticed on the passenger side of the stopped vehicle.

Then the cover officer “instructed Wink not to move.” The primary officer returned and the two officers detained Wink.

Consequently they discovered a loaded, unregistered forearm on the rear floorboard under the driver’s seat. They arrested Wink “for a variety of gun charges.”

Thanks to the cover officer, a possibly tragic situation did not occur. The FPD press releases says, “Quick thinking and Wink’s ultimate compliance led to a swift and safe conclusion.”

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