Thor Subdued Carl Cotter in His Violent Resistance

Thor Subdued Carl Cotter in His Violent Resistance
Photo: Carl Cotter

ANDERSON -K-9 Thor subdued Carl Cotter after he rebuffed a deputy’s attempt to help him. On September 17 near 5:00 p.m. a call came in concerning “a man lying on the ground possibly injured.”

51-year-old Cotter lay on the ground, unresponsive, mumbling, disoriented. The deputy called for medical assistance, and then the deputy “rubbed Cotter’s sternum to keep him awake.”

Cotter woke up alright. He slapped the deputy’s hand away and jumped to  his feet. Then he “began punching at the deputy’s face and head.”

The deputy ordered the suspect to stop and declared him under arrest. Cotter would have nothing of it and advanced at the officer.

This is where K-9 Thor entered the situation. Thor apprehended Cotter, who still tried punching at any law enforcement representative available.

Other arriving deputies helped to seal the deal.

After a hospital stopover, the suspect went to jail, charged with –

  • felony PRCS warrant;
  • assaulting an officer;
  • obstructing an officer;
  • and assaulting a police K9.

Deputy and K-9 wer enot injured in the incident.


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