Roy Charles Waller Arrested as NorCal Rapist of 1991-2006

Roy Charles Waller Arrested as NorCal Rapist of 1991-2006
Photo: Roy Charles Waller

SACRAMENTO – Roy Charles Waller is now under arrest, apprehended from his Benicia home. The “NorCal Rapist’s” sexual assaults started in 1991 in Rohnert Park and ended in 2006.

Today Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn announced Waller’s arrest. He was flanked by other officials such as Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert.

Hahn said, “Today we bring justice…to the victims…and the communities he impacted.” Their press conference included other details about the suspect. In the first place, the 58-year-old Waller is married and has worked at UC Berkeley for 25 years. The Environment, Health and Safety office employed him since 1992.

DNA evidence linked Waller to the numerous sexual assaults that spanned 15 years.  His victims typically were young Asian females. The attacks occurred over six northern California counties. The attacks occurred as far south as Vallejo (1992) and Martinez (1996). The farthest north for these attacks is Chico.

Waller would enter a home, restrain the woman, rape them and often steal and use their ATM card.

One victim caught a glimpse of his face and gave police his description.

Schubert added that authorities charged Waller in Sacramento County with 12 counts of forcible sexual assault against two women. Investigators also link him to at least eight other assaults.

Most noteworthy, the DNA match came through a genealogy website and the match just occurred within the last 10 days.

In one strange twist from the Martinex attack, the suspect called the victim three weeks after the Halloween attack. He called to apologize.



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