Anderson Police Contain Suspect in Parking Lot Chase

Anderson Police Contain Suspect in Parking Lot Chase
Photo: Eric Daniel Hancock

ANDERSON – The suspect’s erratic driving through the parking lot caught the attention of an Anderson PD detective.

It was 4:30 p.m. on Sunday August 5 at the Factory Outlet Mall.  33-year-old Eric Daniel Hancock drove his Buick sedan wildly through the parking lot.

An Anderson detective on scene attempted to stop him. Police considered Hancock armed and dangerous and had an active warrant out on him.

The suspect of course did not initially comply. He drove out of the outlets, saw police and then returned to the parking lot.  He drove through the lot in his attempt to flee.

A marked patrol car blocked the north entrance, so Hancock turned around to go the other way.

Turning around, he encountered another patrol car blocking his vehicle. It was over. Officers arrested Hancock for his outstanding $100,000 felony warrant. He also faces charges of kidnapping, DUI, narcotic violations and felony invasion.

He had a 22-year-old female victim as his passenger during this ordeal. He also had heroin, paraphernalia and ballistic vests in his Buick.

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