Warrants Served at 17 Locations with 9 Arrests

Warrants Served at 17 Locations with 9 Arrests

YUBA – Over a two-day span the YCSD served warrants at 17 locations for illegal marijuana cultivation.

The operation occurred on July 12 and 13. In fact, environmental and water violations spurred the investigation and arrests.

In the first place, Law enforcement eradicated 6,534 marijuana plants. In addition, they confiscated 1000 pounds of processed marijuana, 40 pounds of processed butane honey oil and 2 vehicles.

Finally, they also confiscated $1000 and a butane honey oil lab.

The agencies invovled in this operation include –

  • California National Guard Counter-drug Task Force;
  • California Water board;
  • California Department of Fish and Wildlife;
  • Calaveras County Sheriff’s Department;
  • California Highway Patrol;
  • Yuba Sutter Narcotic Enforcement Team;
  • and the Yuba County Probation Department.

The locations searched include –

  • Alleghany Rd;
  • 15000 block of Hwy 49;
  • 10000 block Marysville Rd;
  • 10000 block of Forsythe Rd;
  • 14000 block Leafwood Wy;
  • 15000 block of Pecan;
  • 1800 block of Abernathy Rd;
  • 15000 block of Winther;
  • 17000 block Pamlo Wy;
  • 11000 block of Peoria;
  • 14000 block of Willow Glen Rd;
  • 4200 block Robinson Mill;
  • 15000 block Burch .

Finally, the arrestees include –

In conclusion, the main charges are 11358 (cultivation of marijuana for sale) and 11379.6) manufacturing a controlled substance).


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