DUI Second Offender Once Again Arrested for Injury Wreck

DUI Second Offender Once Again Arrested for Injury Wreck
Photo: Garret James McKinnon

SANTA ANA – A DUI second offender is in trouble again five years after his previous DUI collision.

Garret James McKinnon‘s first wreck occurred on July 25, 2013. Officers pursued him before hit hit into three vehicles near Garfield and Brown Streets.


McKinnon in 2013

McKinnon and five others were injured, and the law convicted him of evasion and DUI. He received a sentence of 5 years in state prison and had his drivers’ license revoked.

Now, nearly five years later, McKinnon is at it again. On June 23, an officer saw a black SUV speeding through a stop sign.  As the officer pursued, the speeder entered Flower and Warner, blowing through a red light.

Finally, the SUV struck four vehicles and overturned.  The driver crawled out, saw on the curb…..and then “took off on foot.”  Police quickly detained McKinnon once more.  His passenger “sustained major injuries.”

McKinnon is now under arrest on an outstanding No Bail probation violation warrant. In summary, his new charges include –

  • felony hit and run collision;
  • DUI causing great bodily injury;
  • resisting arrest;
  • driving with a revoked driver’s license.

The 32-year-old McKinnon has a bail of $150,000.

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