Two Large Scale Outdoor Marijuana Cultivation Sites Busted

Two Large Scale Outdoor Marijuana Cultivation Sites Busted
Photo: site of illegal grow

SACRAMENTO – On Wednesday June 13 the SCSD announced that they seized two large scale outdoor marijuana cultivation sites.


Inside of grow site

PIO Sgt. Shaun Hampton, in a 2-minute video, announced the bust of the illegal vegetation.

Law enforcement executed two search warrants in the 12000 block of E. Stockton Boulevard and the 10000 block of Arno Road.


“strategically placed firearm”

Of course, this is a rural area in south Sacramento County.

Hampton reported that “various law enforcement entities” participated in the raid. He noted that several individuals fled the scene upon law enforcement’s arrival, but were all eventually detained.

While law enforcement initially detained 30 people, 17 ended up receiving charges for firearms and illegal marijuana.


“environmental crimes”

Furthermore, SCSD discovered “firearms placed strategically throughout the locations.” They coinfiscated 13 firearms total, and at least 2 of them reported as stolen.

Similarly, they discovered “multiple felony environmental crimes.”  In total, the sites hosued 15,000 tp 18,000 plants.  Most notably, this represents a street value of over $4 million.



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