Sexual assault suspect arrested after attacking female neighbor

Sexual assault suspect arrested after attacking female neighbor
Photo: Hipolito Martinez

GILROY  – The SCCSD arrested a sexual assault suspect who attacked a woman in her home. On June 10 around 2:30 pm, deputies arrived to the 11500 block of Columbet Avenue in response to a call.

First of all, 35-year-old Hipolito Martinez had let himself into his neighbor’s home. The male suspect began to attack the woman by trying to take off her clothes. Then the woman inside began to fight for her life.

Sheriff Laurie Smith said, “The fight and determination exhibited by this woman through multiple attacks was nothing short of heroic. Her ability to fight off her attacker and call for help, lead to this quick apprehension. (It) likely saved future women from being victimized by this individual.”

Finally the suspect fled the home after the female victim called 9-1-1 dispatchers.  She alerted them that she was in fear for her life after escaping the attack.

Sheriff’s Deputies arrived and quickly located the suspect as he walked through an open field and tried to hide in a culvert located near the crime scene.

Martinez charges are Felony Kidnapping, Burglary, False Imprisonment, and Assault with Intent to Commit a Felony.  The suspect has no bail due to the seriousness of the offense exhibited at the time of the attack.

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