Trio Involved Shooting Gun in Air

Trio Involved Shooting Gun in Air
Photo: Daniel Estrada

SANTA CRUZ – The SCPD received a call early on Tuesday morning from someone who heard several shots fired. Turns out a trio involved in the hubbub split the immediate scene.


Samantha Garcia

They arrived at the 1000 block of Ocean Street. Witnesses described seeing a man fire the shots and then retreat into a nearby motel with several others.

CHP likewise arrived on scene and retrieved several shell casings. SCPD went to the hotel room and found four adults, and an 18-month old child. The little one slept through all of the commotion.


Jorge Ayala Fernandez

Officers found a Glock .40 caliber pistol and a 9 mm handgun in the room. In addition, motel surveillance video identified 18-year-old Daniel Estrada, one of the four, as the errant shooter.

Therefore police charged Estrada with willful negligent discharge of an unregistered firearm and child cruelty.

20-year-old Jorge Ayala Fernandez is  father of the child and on felony probation. His charge is being a felon in possession of a firearm.

20-year-old Samantha Garcia, the child’s mother, was arrested for public intoxication


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