Street Racer Tragically Killed Two Young Boys

Street Racer Tragically Killed Two Young Boys

MEAD VALLEY – On the afternoon of May 15 an illegal street racer killed two young boys.

First of all, a blue Honda Accord and a black Nissan Altima began the race at Oakwood Road and Brown Street.

The two raced east on Oakwood Road.  The Honda drove on the wrong side of thew road. A citizen driving his Nissan Versa came upon the Honda.

A collision ensued, with deadly results. While the Versa’s male driver survived, his 6 and 8-year-old passengers died.

The Accord driver, 27-year-old Ricardo Zuniga, needed hospital attention for his injuries.  Furthermore, he faces two counts of murder.

In contrast, the Altima driver remains at large.  CHP asks for community help to identify and arrest him. Please call the Riverside CHP at (951) 637-8000.

Finally, the CHP reminds us  that it “has a zero tolerance policy in regards to illegal street racing.”


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