Trio Receive Life Terms in Gang Murder

Trio Receive Life Terms in Gang Murder
Photo: Gabriel Soto

LOS ANGELES — On May 25, 2013, three young men drove up to a house in east LA with unlawful plans in mind. Once at their intended destination, two of the men got out of the car while the driver waited behind.

The duo then approached a group of people gathered at a house and opened fire, intending to shoot a witness connected to another gang case.

21-year-old Gabriel Soto was there with some of his friends from high school. While he was not the intended target, he was shot and killed and another man was injured.

On January 30, 30-year-old Jonathon Joseph Gonzalez, 32-year-old Roque Solis and 27-year-old Anthony Aaron Gabriel were convicted of first-degree murder, premeditated attempted murder, and four counts of assault with a firearm.

Gonzalez was sentenced to 173 years to life in prison. Solis was sentenced to 129 years to life in prison. Gabriel (the driver) was sentenced to 109 years to life in prison.

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