SCPD Announces – “Constant Crook Caught Again”

SCPD Announces – “Constant Crook Caught Again”
Photo: ALexander Madson

SANTA CRUZ — On Saturday night, the SCPD were out and about in the Downtown and Eastside teams “conducting enforcement.”

While they were on this task, they spotted 32-year-old Alexander Madson, someone who already had two felony arrest warrants out on him.

In addition to the warrants, Madson was driving a Ford Explorer that had been reported as stolen that day.


Stolen Explorer

SCPD officers stopped the suspect in the parking lot of a Jack-in-the-Box and he was immediately taken into custody and charged with possessing a stolen vehicle, driving while on drugs, possession of stolen property, and “other misdemeanor drug and theft-related charges.”

The SCPD says that “SCPD is dedicated to our community with ongoing efforts to keep Santa Cruz a safe place to live while improving the quality of life throughout the city. #SafetyThroughVigilance


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