Spalding man off to jail for public intoxication, resisting arrest

Spalding man off to jail for public intoxication, resisting arrest
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SPALDING // The Lassen County Sheriff’s Office has arrested 36-year-old Shon Fults for resisting arrest after a report of a civil dispute ended in a scuffle with a Sheriff’s Deputy on January 13th.

Early in the afternoon, a deputy arrived in the Spalding area after receiving word of a civil dispute in which a resident had demanded that his friend — later identified as Fults — leave his home. After leaving, Fults got into an argument with his girlfriend, exhibiting signs of being under the influence and prompting the deputy to initiate an arrest for public intoxication.

When told he was under arrest, Fults tried to walk away. After initially ignoring commands, he assumed a fighting stance and proclaimed that he had no intention of going back to jail. When the deputy tried to arrest Fults, a struggle ensued and the two fell to the ground. During the ordeal, Fults managed to dislodge the deputy’s pistol magazines and tried to remove his taser.

After about 10 minutes, the deputy managed to get Fults in handcuffs. Fults continued to kick and struggle, threatening the deputy’s life all the while. Spalding Fire Department soon arrived to help keep him under control.

Fults sustained minor injuries during the incident and was taken to Banner Hospital, where he reportedly became violent again and assaulted medical personnel while being treated. He was eventually cleared for booking.

Shon Fults is currently housed at the Lassen County Jail on charges of resisting an executive officer, attempting to remove a weapon, public intoxication, and battery against medical personnel. His bond has been set to $30,000.

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