Woman Charged in Immigration Scam

Woman Charged in Immigration Scam

Romina Aida Zadorian

MONTEBELLO – People seeking to immigrate into the United States depend on the assistance of others to process the paperwork and help them along to entry into the country or even citizenship.

However, some people see this as an opportunity to personally profit via unlawful activity.  Apparently one such person is 48-year-old Romina Aida Zadorian, who recently was charged with 48 felony counts pursuant to her criminal misdeeds.

Her charges include – 29 counts of grand theft of personal property, 6 counts of forgery, 3 counts each of false government documents, criminal threats and extortion, 2 counts of residential burglary, one account of dissuading a witness, and one count of petty theft.

Zadorain had been convicted in 2009 for several counts of grand theft.

The crimes allegedly occurred between April 1, 2015 and March 11, 2017.  As part of her ruse, she made promises to process visas, resident alien cards and citizenship petitions. She alleged to her victims that she worked for the US government, or that she was an attorney.

In addition it is alleged that Zadorian took $233,500 from 32 different victims.  Her bail was recommended at $1.2 million.  A conviction could net her up to 37 years in state prison.

“Anyone who believes they may have been a victim may call the District Attorney’s Consumer Protection Division at 213-257-2465.”


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  1. Jon Q Publik
    Jon Q Publik 31 October, 2017, 12:52

    isn’t this the woman who arranged that scammer Ivanna Briz (aka Yana Gudkova) marriage with Jesse Marcus in Santa Monica, CA back in 2014?

    How does this even happen – Russian hooker visits US on tourist visa, marries in CA while living in NY/NJ and still works illegally today???

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  2. tv
    tv 4 November, 2017, 12:49

    exactly! the state of CA under the abhorrent lack of ethical leadership under governor jerry brown & mayor garcetti for los angeles has encouraged and enabled criminals to wreak havoc without the fear of punishment upon our formerly safe neighborhoods. to add futher proof of this, CA is now a Sanctuary City / State. couple that insanity with the early release of non-violent criminals and you will better understand how terrible our quality of life has become. when criminals are no longer required to complete their court determined time behind bars & previously established full punishment for their illegal activities – they are no longer deterred to end their crime sprees. instead, they laugh in the face of being arrested.

    the absolute perfect storm of events ( giving criminals the upper hand over and over again ) is further established by underfunding and understaffing the LAPD. they lack the budget to do something as simple as lifting & running the finger prints from active crime scenes clearly committed by repeat offenders and career criminals. thus, robberies and home break-ins are occurring at an alarming rate. the LAPD doesn’t have the man/woman power to effectively keep our communities safe AND THE CRIMINALS KNOW THIS! even with home security systems with visible video cameras do not deter these criminals. as this footage is submitted to the police departments, spread through social media and is even seen on the news – very very few people are ever caught. then if caught, know how to work the system, get out early and return to threatening innocent people.

    these two epically inept multi term elected nincompoops seem DEADSET AGAINST protecting its tax paying citizens infavor of illegals. they divert funds intended to fix our deplorable roads and tackle the explosion of homelessness, drug addicts, mentally unstable and very dangerous people living where ever they please. trash, filth, urine, feces, needles, syringes, used condoms & the like have made it unsafe for children, animals and anyone visiting public parks or simply walking around their neighborhoods. the chances of being subjected to dangerous and potentially deadly trash tossed anywhere and everywhere is all too common. then without any official notice to the residents of LA county, basic services such as weekly street sweeping have been terminated. services we continue to pay for and have seen drastically increase in costs to residents – are being cut without notice yet we are still forced to pay even higher amounts
    – as the State of CA screws over the citizens. taxed on taxed taxes. this insanity has people vacating the state in mass numbers for less corruptly run illegal immigrant catered to states.

    the recidivism rates for lawbreakers – such as the woman in this article – are the obvious no brainers implications of a criminally lax state. of course she has been charged with fraud in the past, didn’t learn anything from her punishment and will 99% return AGAIN AND AGAIN to break laws.

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