Love and Doll Fraudulently Ask for Donations

Love and Doll Fraudulently Ask for Donations

Chastity Doll and Michele Love

SAN BERNARDINO — On Sunday, a woman named Chastity Doll was at the corner of Tippecanoe and Coulston in San Bernardino, asking for money from passing motorists.

She was arrested for panhandling.

One hour later, another woman named Michele Love was at the same corner doing the same thing.  She too was arrested and the SBSD’s investigation revealed that the two were in partnership in this scheme.

It turns out Doll and Love made signs that requested donations for their baby’s burial.  The baby they had pictured on their sign does not belong to either of them, and there were no burial funds needed, except for their greed.

If anyone has been a victim of this rouse or has any additional information regarding this case, please contact the Central Station at (909)387-3545.

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