Two Arrests in Child Sexual Abuse Charge

Two Arrests in Child Sexual Abuse Charge

Ruben Vizcarra and Edward Vizcarra

WESTMORLAND –   Two Santee residents were recently arrested and charged with incidents of child sexual abuse that occurred in this small community of 2,200.

56-year-old Ruben Vizcarra and 35-year-old Edward Florentino Vizcarra were booked on Tuesday.  Both were charged with touching a person against their will for sexual arousal.  Edward Vizcarro was also charged with continuous sexual abuse of a child and sexual penetration with a foreign object of someone under 14 years old.

The pair were detained in Santee on Monday night. They were then extradited from San Diego County Jail.

Bail for Edward is $200,00 and bail for Ruben is $100,000.



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