3 Arrested After THC Lab Explosion at Spring Valley Lake Home

3 Arrested After THC Lab Explosion at Spring Valley Lake Home

Scene of fire (SBSD)

VICTORVILLE — In the early hours last Friday morning, the Fire Department and Sheriff’s Deputies were called to a home where an explosion and fire occurred. The Gangs/Narcotics Disivion was also then requested to come and help with the investigation.

A search warrant then yielded the discovery of a THC extraction lab.  Three suspects were in the home at the time of the fire but decided to flee the premises.  Further investigation led to their identification and arrest.

25-year-old Steven Ray Hoover Jr. had suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns to his face, head, and body.  28-year-old Jesse Karl Bevins had 2nd degree burns on his arm and 26-year-old Paige Nicole Tappe had 2nd degree burns to her arm and back.  All three were in the room when the explosion and fire occurred.

Concentrated cannabis (honey oil) sells for more than basic marijuana and produces stronger effects than the traditional method of smoking the plant.

The SBSD says, “The THC extraction process is extremely dangerous and has a high potential for explosion and fire due to the use of large amounts of flammable chemicals and solvents during the extraction process.  This chemical process is illegal and is a violation of California’s Health & Safety Code.”

At this point, only Bevins has been assessed bail, at $500,000.


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