Citizens Help Stop Armed Gang Member

Citizens Help Stop Armed Gang Member

Jose Vega

FRESNO — On Monday afternoon, the FPD responded to the Torry Ridge Apartments at 222 S. Clovis Avenue concerning someone that maintenance workers had confronted.

18-year-old gang member Jose Vega, after being asked by workers why he was there, took off running and tossed a .22 caliber long rifle along the way.

Vega’s gun

However, the workers detained him until police arrived.  Once he was arrested, police also discovered another fourteen bullets in his possession.

Vega was arrested and charged with various weapons charges.

“The Fresno Police Department would like to remind the public that Crime Stoppers has enhanced the rewards for information related to gang members who are involved in narcotic sales, firearm possession, and human trafficking.

“Anyone with information is urged to call crime stoppers at (559) 498 – STOP (7869) with information. Your information is kept confidential.”

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