Shi X Yu Arrested for Marijuana Grow, Utilities Theft

Shi X Yu Arrested for Marijuana Grow, Utilities Theft

Shot inside grow house (SBSD)

VICTORVILLE —  A search warrant served at 12381 Domingo Street revealed a large marijuana grow.  Over 1,150 marijuana plants were being maintained inside the residence. Several pounds of processed marijuana were also discovered.

As part of the operation, the house contained advanced lighting, air conditioning, fans, exhaust blowers, and an air-filtering system. 36-year-old Shi X Yu was on site when the search warrant was executed, and was then arrested.

Shot of Yu’s bumper crop (SBSD)

Investigators also discovered that Yu was stealing electricity to maintain the operation.  Typically, such sites require a higher than usual amount of electricity.

The SBSD estimates a theft of $80,000 of electricity.  They also estimate that this site has been in operation for several years, possibly since 2014.

Yu was charged with cultivation of marijuana and theft of utilities, with a bail of $30,000.

The SBSD stated, ” The extreme measures taken to avoid being caught not only risks the lives of the suspects but also endangers the public living near the residence. An electrical short caused by the modified wiring most likely would have resulted in an explosion or fire in the residential community causing possible injuries to bystanders near the residence.”


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