Man Gets Jail for Threats

Man Gets Jail for Threats

Bogdanovich Recreation Center

SAN PEDRO — On Wednesday afternoon, a call came to police from the Bogdanovich Recreation Center of a man making threats.

Responding officers were unable to locate the offending suspect, who apparently had left the area in his vehicle.

Citizens used social media to release what information they had about the incident.  With the relevant descriptions put out into the open, a concerned citizen spotted the man near 25th Street and Western Avenue and proceeded to use her car to block him in.

Police received a call about the development and quickly responded and took 49-year-old Delbert Steele into custody.

Steele, listed as a resident of Divide, Colorado, allegedly asked a person walking by in the parking lot of the Rec Center, “Do you want to blow up some children? Do you want to be on TV?”

For his words, Steele faces a charge of making criminal threats and is under a $50,000 bail.


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