Man Found Passed Out in Car Arrested on Drug Charges

Man Found Passed Out in Car Arrested on Drug Charges

Paul Otey booking photo

SANTA CRUZ — Police arrested 37-year-old Paul Otey after finding him passed out in a vehicle on the 100 block of Blaine Street. A concerned citizen had called in to report that he saw two individuals slumped over in a silver BMW.

On Good Friday at about 1 PM, a citizen called police to report two individuals who appeared to be passed out in a parked car. Responding officers tried to make contact with the two and had to knock on the windows repeatedly to rouse them.

Drug paraphernalia was visible on the center console, which gave officers probable cause to search the car. Therein they discovered heroin, methamphetamine, cash, and additional paraphernalia.

A realistic-looking BB handgun and a metal “slim jim” were also found in the back scene.

Otey was arrested for possession of heroin, drug sales, and paraphernalia, with bail set to $37,000.

Santa Cruz PD continues to encourage residents to be allies for public safety, and to report any suspicious activity.

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