“Equipment Violation” Leads to Drug Arrest

“Equipment Violation” Leads to Drug Arrest

Here’s what Mendez had in the car

SAN BERNARDINO – It often starts with a “vehicle violation.” Police notice something amiss about a car, pull it over, and discover other, arrest-able offenses.

It happened again Friday night when Deputy Gile pulled over a vehicle meriting attention.  The driver, 46-year-old Peter Mendez of San Bernardino, had a felony warrant for his arrest for heroin sales.

That would have been enough, but an inspection of the car produced baggies of what was suspected to be heroin, as well as so-called “burner” phones and a large amount of money.

Although he claims to be unemployed, Mendez was able to bail himself out for his pending criminal cases, including evasion.  However, he was arrested for sales of heroin and booked into Central Detention Center.



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