Kidnapping Suspect Faces Extradition to Alameda County

Kidnapping Suspect Faces Extradition to Alameda County

SAN LEANDRO – A 43-year-old man from Orange County has been arrested by U.S. Marshals out-of-state in connection with an attempted kidnapping in San Leandro, according to local police who are withholding his identity.

His name has not been released because of a continuing investigation that he may have committed other crimes and possibly abductions.

The man is presently being held in another state, but he is expected to be extradited to Alameda County within a few weeks, according to San Leandro police who announced his arrest earlier this week.

The suspect was previously convicted of a violent crime and discharged from parole, 10 days prior to allegedly attempting to kidnap a 23-year-old woman in San Leandro. His new troubles include charges for assault with a deadly weapon, carjacking and kidnapping.

His arrest follows an incident on July 28 at 7:45 a.m., when a woman who was walking on the 14700 block of Washington Avenue was pepper sprayed in her face, temporarily blinded, knocked to the ground and then dragged by her ankles towards a silver-colored 2014 Nissan Sentra SR that was parked nearby.

She escaped and fled nearby after a passerby intervened and struggled with the man, who immediately sprayed the Good Samaritan. Both were treated for chemical exposure after police arrived.

The suspect is also being charged with carjacking because he moved the Good Samaritan’s car, which was blocking the car he used to get away.

That vehicle was later found abandoned on August 17 near Oakland International Airport.

A local business owner contacted the police about the car, which gave them a lead on identifying the suspect.

It appears the suspect purchased a plane ticket after the San Leandro incident occurred, flying several states away to stay with relatives. Police there obtained a search warrant and found additional evidence linking him to what happened in San Leandro.

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