Insufficient Funds Leads to Police Call

Insufficient Funds Leads to Police Call

The incident occurred here

SAN JOSE – 37-year-old Dehlon Mekei Preston faces charges that he fraudulently tried to cash a check for a large amount of money while having insufficient funds in his account.  According to the District Attorney’s Office, charges were filed against Preston on April 26, 2016.  Preston is being charged with PC 476 (a).

Santa Clara police responded to a call at the Bank of America located at 485 El Camino Real on April 17.  An employee flagged Preston’s check for $2,800, in which his account had insufficient funds.

Preston, along with Jermaine Kelly, were detained in the parking lot while officers collected multiple checks provided by the pair.  Officers also located several large envelopes of cash within their vehicle.

The pair described a situation where they believed that they had received their financial aid from San Jose State University and wanted to cash out their funds.  However, when asked how much money was in their own account Kelly stated he only had $30.00.  Preston also admitted that he knew the check was bad, but had tried to cash it anyway.

It could not be determined if the large amounts of money  (one envelope containing more than $4,000) were obtained illegally.  They were both then ticketed at the scene and released.

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