Local TV Personality Gets DUI

Local TV Personality Gets DUI

Mark Allen Stell

SACRAMENTO – 50-year-old local TV personality Mark Allen Stell (aka Mark S. Allen) was arrested for DUI last Friday, December 4th.  Roseville PD conducted the arrest near Bulen and Vernon streets in Roseville.

Stell is best known for his television program, “Mark at the Movies,” as well as his role as entertainment anchor for “Good Day Sacramento” on CW31.

Allen during a CW31 broadcast this week

Allen during a CW31 broadcast this week

Nearly 9 years ago, in August of 2006, Allen was involved in another infamous DUI arrest when the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department arrested him at Sacramento International Airport with a blood alcohol level at .11. He plead guilty to one count of misdemeanor driving under the influence.

The result of that arrest was a three-year probation sentence as well as 48 hours of community service. From a feature article in the August 28, 2014 issue of Sacramento News and Review, Allen is quoted as saying, concerning that incident, “This is absolutely embarrassing.”

As was the case after his previous arrest, he continues his role on television.




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  1. Rene
    Rene 10 December, 2015, 12:41

    He didn’t learn the first time, thank goodness he didn’t kill an innocent person while driving drunk. Throw the book at him, teach him that just because he’s a “T.V personality” doesn’t men he gets special treatment.

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    • mkryan1
      mkryan1 17 December, 2015, 23:32

      If he got any special treatment, it came from Ch.31 for allowing him to continue to be on air in which I was ok with. He certainly didn’t get any special treatment from the Sheriff Dept. because celebrity or not, he was still required to do Work Project(picking up trash on side of freeway kind of stuff). Now, if Ch.31 allows him to STILL work on air, in which I know they will, then Ch.31 should be looked at a place that could care less about drinking and driving, period.

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      • Rob kay
        Rob kay 22 December, 2015, 22:23

        He may have the first time around , I doubt will see him again the second time around . Don’t need to tell him , you really scwrewed up and your family needs you man

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  2. Beebuzz
    Beebuzz 20 December, 2015, 00:55

    He obviously made a mistake and will now pay! Live and learn!

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  3. K Hamilton
    K Hamilton 24 December, 2015, 02:16

    Mark made a very bad choice when he decided to drink and drive. Thankfully there was no accident. Unfortunately his family will have to again face the consequences along with him. Mark has done an incredible amount to help children feel better about themselves, sat beside them when they are ill, most recently lost one of his little buddies that was born with half his heart. He has also worked at making many dreams come true for these children. I am in no way trying to sound like the law should be light with him just because he is a good guy. He needs to pay the same price as anyone else ! If he does come back on the CW it may be good to allow the public to follow his journey from start to finish. Shame on you Mark, you are smarter than this ! Pay the price and be the man your family needs.

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  4. jiggyfly
    jiggyfly 7 January, 2016, 17:06

    Rest assured, he won’t get off easy CW 31 or not. MADD shows up at court, too, to make sure the punishment is meeted out, and it is.

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