Really Drunk, Shoots Gun, Gets Arrested

Really Drunk, Shoots Gun, Gets Arrested

Ventura – In the foothills above The City of Ventura Government Center and City Hall, there is a public shooting range maintained by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department, where any law-abiding citizen can hone firearm skills and enjoy target practice in a controlled, safe environment.

Apparently, 40-year old Ventura resident Arnold Acevedo either was not aware of such a facility, or simply didn’t feel like waiting for the range’s daylight operating hours when, just after midnight on November 21st, he decided to put on a bullet-proof vest, have enough cocktails to fully inebriate himself, and stroll through the apartment complex where he lives firing a gun.

At that late hour—when, presumably many nearby residents would likely have been asleep—according to the Ventura Police Department’s Watch Commander’s report, the VPD Command Center was notified by a caller of an intoxicated individual “inside his carport area, armed with several firearms.” While the anonymous caller was on the line with the Command Center, gunshots were reported as being heard, whereupon VPD patrol units were immediately dispatched to the Bryce Way address.

Upon arrival at the scene, officers “found two males in the carport and Acevedo lying on the ground.” It was quickly determined that Acevedo was “extremely” intoxicated, and that he was wearing a bullet-proof vest while in possession of a shotgun and several rounds of ammunition. Further investigation revealed that Acevedo’s gunshot had impacted the outside of a nearby residence, whereupon he was taken into custody and transported to Ventura County Jail, where he was booked on a charge of shooting at an inhabited dwelling.

Photo: Courtesy Ventura Police Department

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