Failure to Appear Results in Felony Bust

Failure to Appear Results in Felony Bust

Ventura County – Saul Arceo, a 27-year-old resident of El Rio—just east of the City of Ventura—is, one would think, old enough and intelligent enough to know what day of the month it is, but apparently he simply doesn’t pay as much attention to those little details of life as he should. Evidence of that came on Wednesday, September 9th when he failed to keep his appointment for a pre-trial hearing in the Ventura County Courthouse.

According to Ventura County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Det. Jarrod Foote, Arceo had been free from custody on a posted bail bond pursuant to charges of “exhibiting a deadly weapon, assault with a deadly weapon, and making criminal threats“ which he had been arrested for on August 13. (He was also charged with vandalism using paint.) As serious as those allegations are, Arceo apparently gave them no mind, and his failure to appear in court as promised earned him a $20,000 felony arrest warrant on the 9th.

Just 48 hours later, late in the morning of September 11th, VCSD’s Gang Unit rolled up to Arceo’s Balboa Street residence in El Rio and found him at home. The arrest warrant was summarily served upon him, and he was taken into custody. Arceo, a “documented member of a criminal street gang” subject to search, was found to be in possession of methamphetamine in a quantity sufficient enough to be considered “for sale.” At the time of the search of his residence, Arceo was also found in possession of property reported as stolen, whereupon Camarillo Police Department detectives arrived on the scene. A review of the stolen property in Arceo’s possession—estimated to have a value of $10,000—indicated his connection to “over a dozen burglaries” committed in various cities throughout Ventura County.

Arceo was transported to Ventura County Jail where he was booked on multiple burglary charges in addition to failure to appear on the aforementioned prior charges.

According to available records, Arceo was arrested in February of this year for public intoxication and possession of burglary tools. In May of 2014 he was picked up for possession of a controlled substance.

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