Monterey Deputies Arrest Gang Member For Selling Drug Across From School

Monterey Deputies Arrest Gang Member For Selling Drug Across From School

SOLEDAD—officers with the Southern Monterey County Violence Suppression Collaboration (SMCVSC) paid a visit to a known gang member in the South Monterey Area.  During their contact with him, the officers found that Juan Eduardo Lucio – “AKA, Gords” – was doing things that he was not supposed to be doing while he was out on parole.

At a time when students are roaming the streets just trying to get home, or participating in after-school activities, agents from the SMCVSC pulled over Juan Lucio and arrested him on a parole violation. When they told him about the search warrant they were going serve, Lucio cooperated with authorities.

Agents drove to his house on Inca Drive in Soledad to conduct the search. They noticed that his house was near Soledad High School, which is an additional charge, but more on that later. When the agents entered his house they found 3 ounces of crystal methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia and drug packaging. They also found Lucio’s “buy-owe” sheet along with ammunition from two illegally possessed guns. Though he was associated with this house, his residence of record is on 6th Street in south Soledad.

The two hand guns, a loaded semi-automatic and a snub nosed revolver, were seized as evidence. The semi-automatic handgun had been reported stolen out of the state of Washington. With evidence that supported the sale of drugs out of the house, and the house being within 1000 yards of a school, authorities had no choice but to add an additional charge to Mr. Lucio’s already insurmountable list of offenses.

Lucio, who was out on bail after being convicted of prior felonies, is a member of a criminal street gang in Soledad. Authorities transported him to the Monterey County Jail and booked him on charges of selling drugs, being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm, selling a controlled substance near a school, being in possession of stolen property and participating in a criminal street gang.

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