Anderson woman looking for a new roommate?

Anderson woman looking for a new roommate?

Who is Sharee Fallon Mount, and what is she doing? According to the Anderson Police, she seems to be “couch surfing”. According to her Facebook page, she is a loving mother of two young kids. According to police records, she’s been in a lot of trouble over the past few years.

Anderson is a town just south of Redding along the Interstate 5 Freeway. For the past four years, Mount has reported living in Anderson, sometimes as a transient, but also as a resident of two homes at different times. (She also reported living in Redding once, and in Red Bluff as well.) Yesterday morning, Tuesday September 1, a woman woke up in her apartment on Oak Street, just off the Balls Ferry exit from the Interstate 5 Freeway, and found a woman sleeping on her couch.

The resident did not know this sudden house guest, and confronted her. That led to a tirade of arguing and cussing, while the couch surfer said she only came in to get out of the cold. She then left the apartment, and the startled host called Anderson Police. It was 7:11 in the morning.

Sharee Mount, image - Facebook

Sharee Mount, image – Facebook

Responding officers saw a young woman running from the area when they arrived. She went to hide in the fenced-in trash dumpster enclosure, but the officers saw where she went, and detained her without any trouble. She was identified as 26-year-old Sharee Fallon Mount (though they initially reported her middle name as “Fallen”.) They brought the unwitting host to the scene, and she positively identified Mount as the intruder. She also wanted to press charges, so Mount was arrested and booked at the Shasta County jail on misdemeanor trespassing.

Ms. Mount was no doubt familiar with the booking process. Available arrest records show that between 2011 and 2012 she was booked at least four times on unspecified charges while living at a home in east Anderson, near the Meadow Lane Elementary School. In April of 2013, then an area transient, she was arrested for disorderly conduct-public intoxication. She was charged with a parole violation in November of that year, and with another public intoxication charge in December and then in February of 2014.

Just a few days later, according to a story in the Red Bluff Daily News, she was with a man, identified as Louisiana resident Richard Anthony Lecompte, 26, who was driving a stolen car with Texas plates. As the pair were parked at 2:20 am in the rural community of Gerber, in Tehema County south of Shasta, Sheriff’s deputies pulled over to investigate. The blue Suzuki was identified as stolen, but before they could address the pair, the car took off. A chase ensued, with officers from the Highway Patrol and Red Bluff police, along with a CHP helicopter assisting. The pair hit speeds of up to 120 miles per hour, and drove through fences, fields and ditches, on and off the freeway, and into neighboring Glenn County before returning to Tehema and being disabled by a spike strip placed by CHP on Corning Road. While Lecompte faced the most serious charges for the stolen vehicle and reckless evasion,  Sharee Mount was charged with trespassing by driving on private property. She reported living in Red Bluff at that time.

That excitement over, two months later she was charged with burglary, and then on June 9 with trespassing, child endangerment, failure to appear in court, and probation violations. She was back to being listed as a transient out of Anderson during the remainder of her arrests. And she was arrested, on July 4, 2104 with failure to appear in court on both felony and misdemeanor charges, and in September for burglary and a parole violation.

Booking photo from Medford Oregon

Booking photo from Medford Oregon

In October of 2014 she found herself in Medford, Oregon, where she was arrested for disorderly conduct, criminal mischief, interfering with an officer, and giving false information. Most recently, on August 2 of this year she was charged by the Shasta County Sheriff’s office with failure to appear in court, again on both felony and misdemeanor offenses, and a parole violation.

What’s next for Sharee Fallon Mount? With multiple probation and parole violations, she may be surfing the county jail beds for a while, but as a non-violent offender she will likely be back on the streets soon. The Anderson police are asking the public to remember that it is always a good idea to keep your home and property secure at all times, especially as the weather starts to cool.

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