Parolee Who Attacked a Man with a Liquor Bottle Found and Arrested

Parolee Who Attacked a Man with a Liquor Bottle Found and Arrested

TEMECULA – A suspect involved in a violent attack was identified by Temecula police and arrested on Friday. He was known as a local transient and a registered sex offender.

Late in the evening on Friday, August 7, a couple was backing out of a parking stall at a restaurant near intersection of Winchester Road and Margarita Road when they heard the something strike their vehicle. The driver exited the vehicle while his wife remained inside, and he was confronted by a man holding a large liquor bottle. The men began to argue and the assailant swung the bottle, striking the driver in the head.

When the victim’s wife attempted to stop the fight, the suspect also attempted to strike her with the bottle, but missed. He then fled on foot, leaving the scene where the driver lay seriously injured. The victim was transported to a local hospital where he was treated.

Officers from the Temecula Police Department responded to the scene. Working with the victim’s wife, forensic technicians were later able to create a composite sketch of the suspect.  Reviewing the sketch, Temecula officers recognized the likeness as local transient, 24-year old Shilo Gilbert Bovy-Luster.

According to a press release, Bovy-Luster was also wanted on a no-bail arrest warrant issued on July 31 for removing an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet.

Officers remained on the lookout for Bovy-Luster, and on Friday, August 14, at about 8:40 AM, observed and recognized the suspect walking on Old Town Front Street. The officers attempted to speak with him, but he responded by fleeing on foot into the adjacent creek bed.

Officers were able to create a containment perimeter around the area of his escape, and quickly apprehended him. He was arrested without further incident and booked at Southwest Detention Center for his arrest warrant and for felony assault.

Shilo Bovy Luster, sometimes identified as Bovyluster, is a registered sex offender who has had multiple arrests over the past five years. Records show that he was arrested in February of 2010 for petty theft of a merchant and vandalism with over $5,000 in damage. He was arrested again in May of 2010 for burglary. In October of that year he was charged with public intoxication.

"Sequoia Gabriel" Bovyluster and Mary Ellen Moody - Clayton County booking photos.

“Sequoia Gabriel” Bovyluster and Mary Ellen Moody – Clayton County booking photos.

Then in March of 2011 he was arrested for having unlawful intercourse with a minor and committing lewd acts on a child under 14 years of age. That conviction led to his registration as a sex offender, and he is posted on the Megan’s Law website as a resident of Perris.

He was arrested in May of last year and January of this year for probation violations, and in April posted this telling story on his Facebook page: “Yo man whats up! I hitchiked all the way ro atlanta georgia and got arrested for warrants i had in cali and now im in murrieta living witg my twin…”

That story is borne out by a press release from the Clayton County, Georgia Sheriff’s office, which reported that he, using the name Sequoia Gabriel Bovyluster, and a Pennsylvania woman named Mary Ellen Moody were both arrested on January 8 for soliciting money from the roadway at the Old Dixie Highway and Interstate 75 in Forest Park, south of Atlanta. It was found that Bovyluster was wanted back home for the probation violation, and that Ms. Moody was wanted for drug violations in Pennsylvania.

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