Former UC Riverside Student to Stand Trial in Kidnapping

Former UC Riverside Student to Stand Trial in Kidnapping

RIVERSIDE – A Cathedral City man who was arrested for the abduction of a fellow UCR student last year will stand trial.

On June 8, 2014, a female victim reported to the Riverside Police that she had been abducted and held against her will. The abduction reportedly occurred around 4 p.m. on June 8 at the University Towers parking garage in the 3500 block of Iowa Avenue, near the University of California, Riverside.

The student reported that she was grabbed while in the parking garage by a man who forced her into his vehicle and then bound her. She was placed in the backseat and driven around the area.

Keeping her cool, the woman was able to talk her abductor into returning her to garage and releasing her. The victim was injured, but not sexually assaulted according to the police.

“She was able to humanize herself to the suspect and basically talk him down from following through with whatever his plan was for her that day,” said Riverside police Detective Rick Wheeler.

Using forensic evidence recovered from the scene and a description of the attacker and his vehicle, Donald Earl Rosenbek, Jr. was identified as the assailant. The victim confirmed his identity in a photo lineup. Rosenbek, a former UCR student, was a bartender with a prior record, including a misdemeanor in 2006 for domestic violence and a 2005 DUI arrest.

Rosenbek was arrested in October 2014 at a residence in Cathedral City and charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment, and assault by means of force. He remains in custody at the Southwest Detention Center in French Valley in lieu of posting $1 million bail, according to jail records.

Riverside County Superior Court Judge David A. Gunn ruled Wednesday, July 29, there was sufficient evidence to hold Donald Earl Rosenbek Jr. for trial after hearing testimony from two Riverside police detectives during a preliminary hearing.

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  1. Crystal Rosenbek
    Crystal Rosenbek 1 August, 2015, 08:43

    I hope that by now anyone following this case can see how ridiculous these stories are. Ive yet to read the same story twice. I don’t know how its legal for these reporters to just take an incident, twist it all up, and then turn it into a catchy story and publish it for the world to read, as if this is a game. Donny Rosenbek is my brother and I love him with all my heart and I stand by him completely because I know what actually happened and I know that Donny is a good person and isn’t even capable of hurting anyone….and he didn’t. The sentence they are throwing at him is in no way fitting of the crime that he actually committed…This is not justice and our friends and family and I will continue to help Donny no matter what the cost. Furthermore, this Domestic abuse case in 2006 that is mentioned is nothing. I was there and even the female involved wrote a letter on Donny’s behalf stating that she lied to the police because after she attacked him Donny took their vehicle and left for a ride so she could calm down. She got even more upset because she needed the car to get to work and so she called the police and said that he had put his hands on her when in fact he hadn’t. I’m very close to my brother and ive known every girlfriend he’s ever had and myself and these women are all prepared to testify on his behalf.

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