Redding woman arrested for attack on homeless man

Redding woman arrested for attack on homeless man

On the face of it, Michael Glenn Peacock and Chelsea Annemarie Rocha seem to have a lot in common. Though Peacock at 49 is quite a bit older that Rocha, who is 29, and he is a local area transient while she has a home in the south Redding neighborhood of Westwood, both have been in frequent trouble with the law. Records show that Michael Peacock has been charged three times in the past few months for disorderly conduct – being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. (An arrest under this charge – pc 647(f) – means that not only was the suspect intoxicated in public, but they were either unable to care for themselves, or had actively impeded or endangered the public.)

Peacock’s past records also show that in April of 2006 he was charged with driving under the influence, grand theft, possession of stolen property, and resisting arrest. He was also tagged with a parole violation for a past conviction. Then in 2013 he was far from home – in Boise Idaho – when he was caught shoplifting in a Rite Aid store. According to Boise Police, he was witnessed by the store employees un-packaging a toy of some sort in the store, and trying to leave without paying. He was arrested for burglary. Farther back in history, Michael Peacock was involved in providing evidence and testimony against his older brother Richard Dean Peacock of Citrus Heights in a Mendocino County murder for hire case involving the local water board. That story, Waterboarded: The Kenny Rogers Saga was written by Tim Stelloh and published in the Anderson Valley Advertiser. In that story, Michael Peacock was described as a long time drug user, the youngest of a family of nine, and, along with his brother, a convict with a long criminal record.

Chelsea Rocha booking photo.

Chelsea Rocha booking photo.

Chelsea Rocha’s history, at least as shown by available records, is not nearly as colorful. But like Peacock, she was arrested in both June of 2014 and May of this year for public intoxication. She was also charged with a parole violation in December of 2013. Records show arrests on unspecified charges in 2008, twice in 2012, and earlier in 2013.

Last Saturday night, July 18, she was hanging out, just a couple of blocks from her home, at the parking lot shared by the Shasta Car Wash, a self serve coin-op facility, and the Westwood Take-N-Bake Pizza at the corner of Westwood Avenue and Westside Road, near South Market Street. She was with Michael Peacock, and they were drinking together. At some point in their interaction, perhaps because Peacock made an unwelcome remark or made an unwanted advance on her, Rocha attacked him, stabbing him in the right side of his abdomen.

According to Corporal Chris Smyrnos of the Redding Police, witnesses to the altercation called the police at about 8:20 pm, and officers and emergency medical personnel responded to the scene. Witnesses described the assailant as a heavyset white female about 25-years-old, wearing a white shirt and basketball shorts, and carrying a backpack. She was soon found in a check of the area, and witnesses confirmed that Chelsea Rocha was indeed the woman who had stabbed Peacock. She was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon, and booked into the Shasta County Jail.

Michael Peacock was transported to Mercy Medical Center for treatment of his wound, which was described as non-life-threatening.

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