Three People Arrested in El Dorado Hills for Drugs and Stolen Mail

Three People Arrested in El Dorado Hills for Drugs and Stolen Mail

A theft at a Target store led to the arrest of three suspects for possessing stolen mail, credit cards, and checks.

On Monday, June 29, El Dorado Hills Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a shoplifting incident at the Target store in El Dorado Hills. After arriving, deputies found three suspects in the parking lot. The three included Matthew Leatherby 35, of Citrus Heights, Heston Schmucker 38, and Mariah Schmucker 23, a couple from Placerville.

Deputies discovered Leatherby was the one who shoplifted from the store, and he was taken into custody. But the other two suspects were not off the hook. Mariah and Heston Schmucker were found to be in possession of a glass pipe, methamphetamine and hypodermic needles. They were both arrested. Once deputies searched their Jeep, they found stolen checks and credit cards, fraudulent checks and stolen mail. After searching Leatherby, deputies discovered he too was in on the act, and had stolen credit cards and mail in his possession.

All three suspects were taken into custody and booked at the El Dorado County Jail. Leatherby was released on $17,000 bail. Heston Schmucker was released on $42,000, and Mariah was released on $4500 bail.

This is not the Schmuckers’ first encounter with law enforcement. Both were arrested previously on the same charges. On April 21, both were arrested at their home on Beals Road in Placerville during the service of a search warrant. Mariah was also arrested on March 23 for forgery and possession of drugs. And their friend Matthew Leatherby has been charged three times in the past year in drug charges, including possession for sales, possession of paraphernalia, transportation of controlled substances, and DUI. He was living in Shingle Springs or Placerville at the time.

According to the El Dorado Sheriff’s Office, the investigation is ongoing and deputies are contacting several victims regarding fraudulent charges made on their credit cards. Anyone who has been the victim of a recent mail theft or has any information concerning the case should contact Deputy Miller or Carpenter at 530-642-4716.



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  1. Mariah Schmucker
    Mariah Schmucker 28 July, 2015, 22:17

    Innocent until proven guilty and if you want the truth ask what your doing is slander and I am disgusted with el dorado county you people make me sick take my wedding picture off your site shut your mouth and I’ll see every one of you liers in court for slander I guess this is what I get for helping a bunch of fools out this is so stupid I hope you get blasted all over the place for something you didn’t do and you have to live a nightmare every day scared to go to sleep or even outside you sick people the pigs behind this investigation can’t solve a crime but they can make it hard for innocent people to prove there innocence by setting them up and taking some scared druggies word and running with it get a clue ask people that actually know us and if you did you would know all of this is BS

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