Female sexual assault suspect attacked another inmate

Female sexual assault suspect attacked another inmate

30-year-old Leemo Elizabeth Tagaledo was arrested by the Santa Clara Corrections officers under PC 289(a)(1), and PC 245(a)(2), accused of committing sexual penetration by force and assault with a deadly weapon.

While booked into the Women’s Elmwood Facility, a female prisoner contacted the on duty deputy reporting that she wanted to hurt herself “Because you need to get me out of the dorm.” She told the deputy she was feeling suicidal, and was subsequently placed in waist chains and handcuffs with leg cuffs into a holding cell for her protection. While in the holding cell, she told officers that other inmates had forced her to strip down. The inmate told mental health facilitators that during the night in her dorm after collecting commissary, she was attacked by an unknown female suspect, and did not want to return to the pod where she was housed.

The female victim reported that Leemo Tagaledo had called out, “I heard you have something.” The victim, not wanting the confrontation, yelled back, “I don’t have anything.”  Leaving her own pod, Tagaledo came into the victim’s pod and began to intimidate her. One witness stated that she had seen Tageledo force the victim to strip down and then began to sexually assault her. She had then hit the woman on the left side of her jaw.

When asked by investigating officers about what had happened, Tageledo stated “I am not going to go down for some other girl’s accusation against me.” She told investigating officers that the reporting victim had taken some of her things and she wanted them back. She stated that they had gotten into a verbal argument, but things had cooled down and they had walked away from each other.

Tagaledo later changed her story to say that she heard a bunch of commotion going on after the lights were turned out, when she saw the victim strip because other inmates accused her of having drugs. She stated that she went back to sleep not knowing what else had happened. Tageledo was charged with the assault and booked on new charges. The victim was transferred from the previous housing location. The next court date for the offense has been scheduled for August 8, 2015 at 1:30 PM in Dept 47.

Records show that Leemo Tagaledo was arrested by San Jose Police, while a resident of San Francisco, at a San Jose home on June 3 of last year. She was charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon and domestic violence charges of inflicting corporal injury on a spouse or co-habitant. She also had outstanding warrants for battery and second degree burglary.

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