Younger Brother Assaults Sibling

Younger Brother Assaults Sibling

Ventura – By all appearances, Michael Crosby, a 23-year old resident of the City of Ventura, is having some anger management problems.

Evidence of his failure to control a propensity toward violent behavior once again came on the evening of January 31st when, according to the report of the Ventura Police Department Watch Commander, Crosby summarily assaulted his older brother Jack, age 31, upon Jack’s return to the family home.

Having just been to the store on a brief shopping trip, Jack allegedly entered the house and was confronted by Michael who—“without provocation”, according to Jack–suddenly smashed a glass bottle into the head of his older brother. With Jack ostensibly reeling from the attack, Michael promptly fled the premises, whereupon the mother of the two men called 911 Emergency to report the attack.

Responding officers, several of whom “were familiar with Michael Crosby and had been involved in a previous incident” wherein he had resisted arrest just 12 days prior, soon found him in a nearby public park. Given “several verbal commands to stop fleeing”, Michael refused to do so, leading officers to believe that he would once again respond aggressively to any attempt to take him into custody. Given their prior experience with Michael, officers summon the VPD K-9 unit to the park. Upon arrival, the K-9 went to work and it wasn’t long before Michael was indeed subdued and placed under arrest.

Both brothers were transported to Ventura County Medical Center, Jack for treatment of head and neck lacerations resulting from his younger brother’s attack, Michael for injuries sustained during the course of his arrest. Following treatment, Michael was transported to Ventura County Jail where he was booked for assault with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest.

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