Woman Gets $100,000 for Petty Theft Warrant

Woman Gets $100,000 for Petty Theft Warrant

HAWTHORNE, CA—Some criminals are magicians, or so one may think when a petty theft with prior violations can earn one a $100,000 bail.

Casey Leiahi Francisco, 22, was arrested by Hawthorne police on Thursday, November 27 at approximately 3:20 p.m. along the 12600 block of York Avenue in Hawthorne. The unemployed Long Beach woman was charged with taking a vehicle without owning it, but she also had a plethora of warrants.

There was one warrant Hawthorne Police Department (PD) for obstructing/resisting a peace officer (148(A)PC) with a $10,000 bail. There was one of three warrants for petty theft with a prior (666PC) from the Redondo PD; there was no bail amount set for that one. There were two warrants from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD): one for possession of a controlled substance (11377(A)HS) and a second for another petty theft with a prior. No bail was set for the possession and $30,000 bail was set for the petty theft. The third petty theft warrant was from Inglewood PD and that bail was $100,000.

Records show she was also arrested on July 2 this year by South Gate police on an embezzlement charge.

If she is released and goes for a fourth petty theft charge and the exponential math pattern is maintained, that may mean that shoplifting a sandwich from a 7-11 could cost her $333,333.

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