Massage Parlor, or House of “Ill Repute”?

Massage Parlor, or House of “Ill Repute”?

Folsom, California is well known across the United States as the home of the famous prison Johnny Cash sang about in 1955 in “Folsom Prison Blues”, and again when he put on a concert for the inmates at that very prison in 1968. But despite the presence of the state’s second oldest prison (after San Quentin), the surrounding community itself is an upscale suburb of Sacramento that prides itself on its history, community spirit, top level schools, and low crime rate.

The community, however, is not immune to crime, and the Folsom Police Department’s Special Investigation Unit recently conducted an operation to uncover suspected prostitution in the town. Unlike prostitution stings conducted in Sacramento, however, there is no place like Watt Avenue where prostitutes and “Johns” could be caught in a drive up sting to solicit the illegal services. Instead they targeted massage parlors suspected of engaging in activities beyond a back rub or hot stone treatment.

According to Sergeant Eric Heichlinger, the investigation was based on complaints from the community, including businesses who suspected their neighboring storefronts were engaging in illicit activities. They sent undercover officers into several massage parlors, and made arrests in two of them.

T Massage is located at 1179 Riley Street, the same shopping center as Round Table Pizza and FedEx office. The business opened there in August 2013. Yueting Hu, 44 of Sacramento, was arrested there for soliciting prostitution by the undercover officer.

Yanxia Luo (Folsom PD)

Yanxia Luo (Folsom PD)

Serenity Massage is located in northwest Folsom, across the American River from downtown. 1000 River Rock Drive is in a medical and office building complex called River Rock Plaza, and is located behind the familiar Scott’s Seafood building. Yanxia Luo, 38, was arrested there for soliciting prostitution.


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