California Sheriffs recommend no vote on Prop 47

California Sheriffs recommend no vote on Prop 47

The California State Sheriffs’ Association issued a letter to the citizens of the state urging a no vote on November’s proposition 47, the “Reduced Penalties for Some Crimes Initiative.”

The ballot measure, also called by supporters the “Safe Neighborhood and Schools Act” would reduce many current felonies to misdemeanor level offenses. The crimes of shoplifting, grand theft, receiving stolen property, forgery, fraud, and writing a bad check, all for amounts or values under $950.00, along with personal drug use, would become misdemeanors. Offenders with prior convictions for murder, rape, sex crimes and gun crimes would still be treated as felons, however, for these new incidents.

Stanislaus Sheriff Adam Christianson is the current President of the CSSA

Stanislaus Sheriff Adam Christianson is the current President of the CSSA

The savings from incarceration as a result of the potential for fewer people jailed would be directed to a fund for education, victim compensation, and the Board of State and Community Corrections for mental health and drug treatment programs.

The Sheriffs’ Association, led by President Adam Christianson of Stanislaus County, has urged citizens in a letter signed by 56 Sheriffs to vote no on the proposal. They state that the measure threatens the safety of communities and puts families at risk. They state that reducing penalties for serious crimes like gun theft, possession of date rape drugs, and identity fraud will lead to more crime and more criminals in our neighborhoods.

They also state that their departments’ ability to protect their communities will be impaired, as thousands of prisoners will be “dumped onto our streets”, making enforcement challenges worse. They state that low-level criminals rarely go to prison now, and that there is a potential for offenders with dangerous criminal histories being released. The letter concludes “Sheriffs of the State of California respectfully ask that you stand with law enforcement, crime victims, the business community, and your local governments in opposition to Proposition 47. Please vote NO.”

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