Man Shoots at Detectives For No Apparent Reason; SWAT Team Gets Involved

Man Shoots at Detectives For No Apparent Reason; SWAT Team Gets Involved

According to a police report, on Wednesday, August 27 in Lynwood, South Central LA County, two L.A. Sheriff’s detectives were leaving the location after investigating a residential burglary at the 12200 block of Santa Fe Avenue at around 1:00 in the afternoon.

Then out of nowhere, a resident from the same block came out of his apartment and allegedly shot at the detectives. One of them was hit in the shoulder. The detectives returned fire, and the suspect then fled back into his unit, barricading himself. The Sheriff’s SWAT team was then called to handle the barricade scene.

The suspect continued to fire at deputies several times, while he stayed inside the apartment. After more than two hours, the suspect finally came out of the house with a semi-automatic pistol in his hand. Without hesitation, the SWAT team shot the suspect, killing him instantly.

The suspect was later identified as Kerry Wesson, 45. The detective who was shot initially was listed in stable condition at a local hospital.

There were no reported motives for the alleged shooting by Wesson, and the investigation prior to the shooting was not related to the shooting.


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  1. BigGameJame
    BigGameJame 6 September, 2014, 22:26

    You know in this day and age, ignorance seems to be the norm. Let me set you straight Mr. Scorpion. The so-called bad guy Kerry Wesson was a veteran from the first Iraq war. He served eight years in the U.S. Army. Mr. Wesson was a trained marksman. He presently was employed by Pacific Railroad. He was a supervisor and had been working for Pacific Railroad for nearly 30 years. He and his wife managed apartment buildings for over 15 years in south-central LA. He was a member of a church and truly loved the Lord. No, I do not condone the act of shooting a peace officer and resisting arrest. But you have to understand Mr. Wesson had lost his wife exactly a year from the shooting incident in Lynwood. His wife died of a heart attack on August 27, 2013. He met his wife in high school, and they had been married for nearly 35 years. The death of his wife impacted him greatly; Mr. Wesson had attempted suicide on numerous occasions; he suffered from severe depression. It is very sad to see a good person like Mr. Wesson leave this earth in the manner in which he did. Let’s hope, Mr. Scorpion that your mental health stays intact and you never lose a loved one. I am a law abiding citizen who has nothing but the highest respect for law and order. Mr. Wesson never collected any kind of welfare or section 8 benefits. He was a man, who made a poor decision, and I asked the injured detective and his family to forgive Mr. Wesson. He was truly a good person! I pray to the Lord that your mean-spirited nature be removed, Mr. Scorpion. We should as Americans move away from the bigotry and hatred. Too many people were hurt by the actions that took place in Lynwood, I pray that our mental health facilities are properly funded so that good people like Mr. Wesson can get the type of help that they need!

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  2. Chandra King
    Chandra King 7 September, 2014, 13:06

    Love makes you do crazy things rip deedee

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