Rental Car Agents on a Drunken Rampage?

Rental Car Agents on a Drunken Rampage?

INGLEWOOD/HAWTHORNE, CA—A single occupation seems to link two men in two days in two separate incidents in two cities side-by-side.

Cesar Alejandro Guardadolomeli, 25, was apprehended by Inglewood Police Department (IPD) officers on Thursday, August 14 at approximately 4:45 a.m. The rental car agent was stopped along the 600 block of South Inglewood Avenue near the intersection of West Hillcrest Boulevard. The Inglewood resident was charged with disorderly conduct (647(F)PCALC), i.e., drinking in public. Bail was set at $250, which means that for the cost of a couple of cases of cheap beer, he can be out on the streets again.

The arrest was made just four short miles north of where another rental car agent was arrested in Hawthorne.

Jose Marie Mauricio, 25, was picked up on Sunday, August 17 around 11:45 p.m. He was stopped along the block of 4100 Jefferson in Hawthorne by officers of that city’s police department. The rental car agent from Hawthorne, however, elected to add a car to his alleged drinking and ended up with a DUI (23152(E)VC). His bail was set at $5,000, and for the price of a very cheap car he, too, can be out on the streets as well.

It is unknown if the two men work at the same rental car agency, or if they even know each other.

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