Deputies Arrest Squatters, Uncover ID Theft Ring

Deputies Arrest Squatters, Uncover ID Theft Ring

HIGHLAND – San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputies arrested squatters who produced a phony rental agreement, but uncovered a variety of other possible criminal activities on July 18.

Tomm Lanese, 49, Donald Savage, 33, and Salvador Rodriguez, 35, will appear in court at various times this week facing charges of identity theft and possession of stolen property, among other possible charges. Shortly after 6 p.m. on July 18, deputies checked on reports of possible squatters at a vacant residence on the 28000 block of Carriage Hill R.d.

Donald Savage

Donald Savage

Deputies found Lanese, Savage and an unidentified 16-year-old female, discovering the trio had moved into the residence illegally. “They attempted to use a forged rental document as proof of tenancy,” said Sgt. James Porter, “but deputies learned the home was for sale and had never been rented to any of the parties.” All three suspects, found to have active warrants, were arrested.

Investigators later discovered forged identification cards, multiple credit card readers and magnetic imprinters, plus numerous forged checks and computers used in the forgery process, said Porter. Personal identifying information, he said, of an estimated 20 victims from multiple California locations was discovered inside the home and in a vehicle belonging to the suspects. Savage and Lanese were booked on multiple felony counts relating to the identity theft and taken to Central County Detention Center in neighboring San Bernardino.

One day later, continued investigation determined that Rodriguez, who had additional evidence linking him to the identity theft organization. He was arrested on related charges in addition to parole violation, said Porter.
Rodriguez was also charged with multiple counts and taken to Central Detention Center. Victims range in area from Newport Beach in Orange County to the Inland Empire (San Bernardino County) and out to the Coachella Valley (Riverside County), says Porter.

Salvador Rodriguez

Salvador Rodriguez

Investigators were continuing the investigation by contacting victims of these crimes, working to determine how the suspects were able to come into possession of personal identification information and account numbers, said Porter, who said that Deputy Mike Madril was conducting the investigation.

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  1. tyler meyers
    tyler meyers 7 August, 2014, 01:29

    I had the displeasure of falling into one of Tomm Laneses’ schemes not too long ago. I know he lived in North Palm Springs and rented out a room in his shambled and run down home – any one of the rooms he could to anyone who could live in the squaler of no air conditining and a green pool plus house was infested witth bugs. He stole from me court papers ,, ALL of my clothes and at the time all of the possesions i had to that point. He got me for several hundred dollars and God only knowss what he could have done with the info he got from me. ALL i have to say is Karma is a bitch and he deserves every second he gets behind bars and its nice to see that justice is always brought to the ones who deserve to be locjked up for the heinous and vile things they do to people !

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