Roseville PD Finds Intoxicated Man Outside Department’s Building, Makes Arrest

Roseville PD Finds Intoxicated Man Outside Department’s Building, Makes Arrest

The Roseville Police Department recently arrested a 22 year-old man for reportedly “huffing” while in his car right outside the police department building, according to an official weekly crime report.

Corporation Yard Road, behind the Roseville Police Station.

Corporation Yard Road, behind the Roseville Police Station.

Sean Steven Serrano, 22, of Lincoln was reportedly arrested on suspicion of possessing toluene (inhalant) and driving on a suspended license.

According to Roseville PD, on Sunday, July 20, at 6:04 pm, police employees noticed a car with its engine running that was resting nose-first against a chain link fence behind the police department on Corporation Yard Road. Officers reportedly checked inside the car and found a man in the driver’s seat who was passed out and holding a can of inhalant. Officers reportedly suspect the driver had been “huffing” from the cans while he was driving, passed out, and luckily ended up in a safe place with his car resting against the fence.

Sean Steven Serrano mugshot

Sean Steven Serrano mugshot

Serrano is not new to this. He was arrested in March for possession of narcotics, and in December he was charged with possession, transportation and sales of a controlled substance and paraphernalia, being under the influence and driving under the influence, and possession again of toluene.

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  1. Frank Serrano
    Frank Serrano 7 October, 2014, 20:05

    If your gonna report on things like this you need to get your facts right. He was parked at his girlfriends apt. Behind the police dept. he wasn’t driving!!

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  2. Ben Truthteller
    Ben Truthteller 9 October, 2014, 08:56

    Frank Serrano, you have probably killed most of your brain cells huffing, like the idiot in this article ( who just so happens to share the same last name). The author of this article clearly states that he was BEHIND the depts. building, passed out with his car resting against a fence….Say it with me now, RESTING against the fence. Which means he was not driving. If his keys were in the ignition it constitutes the same reprimand as if he was driving. Your relative is a detriment to this society (based on his priors) and deserves to be locked up. As for your stupidity, Frank…do us all a favor and get a vasectomy. We don’t need any more “Serranos” in this world.

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  3. katie anderson
    katie anderson 9 October, 2014, 17:53

    This is for ignorant Ben get your facts straight, where the car was is a lie,answer this for me his car a manual so how was it running when the cops approached the vehicle
    Seans a good kid his charges are a lie drugs are a huge problem in high schools ruin family lives everyday you are so rude and judgemental you no nothing about sean or frank you are a scumbag I bet your kids are drug dealers so take your own advice the world be better without u or your spawn

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