Redding DUI results in tragedy

Redding DUI results in tragedy

Despite seatbelts and airbags, a single car collision resulted in one death and injuries to the others in the car.

The car was traveling along Hartnell and hit one of the poles on the right

The car was traveling along Hartnell and hit one of the poles on the right

According to the Redding police, on Saturday night at 8 pm, they received a call reporting a collision on Hartnell Road near Argyle in rural south east Redding. The caller reported a Subaru Impreza had run into a utility pole on the side of the road. Emergency responders found the wrecked car with airbags deployed. It also appeared that all four occupants had been wearing seatbelts at the time of the collision. The two women in the car, however, had serious enough injuries to be taken to Mercy Medical Center via ambulance.

The driver of the car, identified as Zachary K. Gleason, 23 and currently of Central Point Oregon, had left the vehicle and was found a short distance away. He told officers that he was the driver, and that he had also been drinking earlier that day. Witnesses on the scene also confirmed he was the one who had been driving and had left the car. Some reports state that he was attempting to flee the scene when he was detained. He was arrested nearby on an initial charge of driving under the influence of alcohol. One of the three passengers, 22-year-old Michael Filomeo of Redding, showed signs of minor abrasions, but declined any treatment.

The two young women who had been transported to the hospital were 20-year-old Natalie Slivka and 21-year-old Mayra Lopez, both of Redding. Lopez has complaints of pain and abrasions, but Slivka’s injuries were much worse. She eventually died at the hospital. It appears that the collision affected the right side of the car as it sheared the telephone pole at the side of the road, and that the two young women were seated on that side of the car. Slivka was in the back seat.

This was not Gleason’s first incident drinking and driving. Police reported that Gleason had a prior arrest for DUI last year.

According to his Facebook profile, Gleason is originally from Redding, and attended Shasta College. He had moved to Oregon and was working at one of the Dutch Brothers Coffee locations in Medford while living in nearby Central Point, just to the north.

He was booked into Shasta County Jail on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol above 0.8%, DUI causing injury, gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, and second degree murder. Bail was set at $1,025,000.00, and he is scheduled to appear in court today for preliminary hearing.

The relationships between the four in the car is not clear, but they were all Facebook friends, and it is thought that Gleason was visiting home from Oregon. One guest post on the KRCT TV stated that Natalie Slivka was Gleason’s younger brother’s girlfriend. Another commenter said that “Natalie “Noodle” Slivka was one of the really great kids in my son’s high school group of friends. Couldn’t be a bigger tragedy for her family and friends.”

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  1. Amber's mom
    Amber's mom 8 October, 2014, 10:05

    California has become a cater to the criminal State in every sense. Sadly much of the general public has no clue just how dangerous AB109 is. We have laws in place that are continually ignored and rewritten that favor the criminal and slap the victims and their families in the face. Life seems to have no value in our court system anymore. The Judge in my daughters case actually said .. “There are two tragedies here. Someone lost their life and someone is going to jail.” I can’t help but wonder if going to jail is a tragedy why we have laws? Would the Judge say the same words if his child was in a grave? My child’s life wasn’t “lost” , I can’t go find it and give it back. Her life was TAKEN by another’s actions, another’s choices. The Judge also told the offender he wasn’t a bad person. Being on this side of the “system” was a HUGE wake-up as to how things really work. We were told my daughters killer would do 85% of his lousy 6 year sentence. Yet AB109 considers him a non serious non violent criminal, even though my daughter was killed by him. After missing just two Thanksgivings away from his family he will be home weeks before this one. Less than 50% time served , refusing to come to a court hearing, having access to FB while in prison and posting photos of visits and saying my daughter is his guardian angel and this was God’s plan along with saying F the system and F Uncle Sam he is going home. The ACLU stands for All Criminals Love Us and the victims are long forgotten. There is more sympathy for the criminal in this State than the victims. AB109 is a disaster. My deeper condolences to your family and I share your disgust for our “system”

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  2. Roberta Rossi
    Roberta Rossi 8 October, 2014, 15:50

    From Natalie’s mom to Amber’s Mom,
    I feel your pain. I am amazed laws are passed and negated with weak reasoning, walking a thin line defense. Shame on THEM! We are here in this hell because of Zachary Gleason not Natalie Slivka lets get that perfectly clear.

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  3. ROGER
    ROGER 12 May, 2015, 11:32



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